How can I use InfoMentum to showcase areas of my community that are prime for economic development?

When going through the Entrepreneur Friendly Toolkit planning process, the Simpsonville Area Chamber of Commerce was looking for a way to showcase the amazing market potential of four different commercial areas in the community.  InfoMentum was able to provide a compelling visual solution.  The team created a map that highlights an extremely attractive consumer population within a 10 minute drive of these areas, including (1) a high number of homes and daily traffic counts, (2) a prime consumer median age of 38, (3) a high median disposable income, and (4) total demand for retail and food which exceeds total supply, leaving an enormous unmet sales opportunity.

All of this amazing data was generated with just a few clicks of the mouse while logged into InfoMentum Online.  The map displays areas of the community that are significantly fertile for business.  The fact that Retail and Food Demand exceeds Supply in these areas provides evidence that consumers are leaving town in order to meet their shopping needs.  Simpsonville leadership can now use this compelling information to attract new businesses and keep these shoppers local.

Simpsonville Trending Areas Landscape